Equipment and guns

Equipment is an important thing when you are playing this game. I would always recommend a Full Metal gearbox. It does not matter what type of gun you like you need to buy a gun with a Full Metal gearbox. The gun will not last as long or will not be as efficient as you would like if it does not have a Full Metal gearbox. The reason is that full metal gearbox may cost you a little more but it has a better motor and it shoots a lot better and they are built well. Also you want to buy the 600 round clips to make sure that you have enough ammunition. Do not buy a dommage unless you buy a gun that will support it. Otherwise the dommage will rip your gun to bits. A dommage is a battery operated clip. What is nice about airsoft is that as long as you have the money you can buy any type of gun that you want.


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Airsoft is fun but with this proposal it will take airsoft to the next level. Airsoft is a safe and exciting way to have fun. It challenges the participant to think and plan his next move and they learn from their mistakes in a healthy environment. It is like that saying if you don’t succeed the first time then try, try, again. It pulls the player off the couch and on to the field where every move will determine what the outcome will be. So grab a mask and a gun and give it a try. 


The course will have sniper towers, all types of barriers and day and night games. Sniper perches will be moveable by the players who will be able to move around the field by using (Supported Cantilever Ladder Securely Holds 300 Pounds For Warehouse And Commercial Needs)(Global, 2013). There will be two of these ladders to start with. There will also be the shelves or walls of the isles to hide behind. I will also stack up stacks of 8 to 10 pallets that will be wrapped in commercial packaging saran wrap to make sure that no one will get hurt and you can use them to help stabilize your gun without worrying about hurting it. I will do my best to change the scenarios each month. The course will always be a safe and fun experience. 



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To play airsoft you need the right safety equipment. First you must buy a mask to start out with I would recommend a (G-Force Tactical Airsoft Face Mask w/ Wire Mesh Lens & Visor – OD)( Airsoft Megastore, 2013)  it does not fog up and it will protect your entire face. Some people think that you just need to wear eye protection but this is not enough. My friend thought that until he lost his front tooth. Second, I would recommend wearing army grade camouflage pants and coat. You can pick them up at your local Goodwill for a lot cheaper than online that is if you can find some. The camouflage protects your body as well as makes the hits less painful. And last but not least wear a pair of gloves to protect your fingers because getting hit in the fingers is the most painful place to get hit because of all the nerves in the fingers. Also airsoft guns look like real guns so never take off the orange tip.


Project Relevance

This is a safe way to have fun and get exercise. Teens can have fun and learn how to interact in a fun but non stressful environment. They are not just sitting on the couch playing a videogame but they are moving around and when they get shot they feel it. Airsoft helps with our reaction time and eye hand coordination.


An indoor airsoft course needs to come to Minnesota. Minnesota has cold and harsh winters so I propose that you take airsoft indoors. My thought is to buy a big older building like a Wal-Mart or Target. If it was an old Wal-Mart building I would take every other isle out and leave the rest of them so the player feels like they are in a real life situation. Walking through the front doors you would first see a rental area where you can rent guns and equipment. After you are suited up you can go through the door into the rest of the building and the mission will start. I will have hallways that will allow teams to get to the opposite part of the field. I will have sniper perches and tunnels. It will be the ultimate airsoft experience where you can meet up with friends and have a full day of fun. ImageOpening an airsoft field opening an airsoft field. (2010). Retrieved from

Mission Statement

I would like to create a place where teens can play fun and exciting airsoft games regardless of the weather. I think this is a great idea because I have lived in Minnesota all my life and if it was not for the harsh winters I could have played airsoft all year round. I believe that if I opened an airsoft store and coarse it would meet the need of airsoft players to be able to play year round.

What is airsoft ?

Airsoft is like paintball but without the paint mess and the huge bruises. You can run around your big back yard and shoot your friends with pee size bbs. It is a fun and exciting game. There is no paint to clean up afterwards. The bb size bullets are biodegradable and will not hurt the environment. It is a safe and fun way to get exercise.


My name is Christopher Johnson. I have been playing airsoft for 5 years and selling airsoft equipment for 4 years. I love the game since I started playing. For you who do not know what airsoft is it is like paint ball but without the mess and big bruises. I play airsoft for that reason because there are not messes and it hurts no more than a mosquito bite. I love this game and I will always play it.